The best walk in Spain?

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The Sendero Cerrada de Utereo Walk

Cazorla National Park the second largest National park in Europe and in the spring time, it’s stunning. I particularly enjoyed the Sendero Cerrada de Utereo walk and as luck would have it here’s the GPS route with photos.  As you can see from the photos below – it’s beautiful and it offers everything you hope from a walk (except a sea view) – there are rives, waterfalls, plung pools, suspended walkways, tunnels, lakes and mountain views!
When I did this walk with my Father, we approached a clearing where some deer a wild boar were drinking from some rain water and as we disturbed them we head what sounded like growl….we thought it could have been an Iberian lynx and we looked hard for it but saw nothing.  I’m sure the noise was feline and quite big which made for exciting speculation on the return route but sadly the likely-hood of it being a ‘big cat’ are remote to say the least as the Iberian lynx is the most endangered of the worlds 36 cats.

river1riverwatercraggy rock

If you look carefully at this photo you’ll see a waterfall (bottom right of center).  The walk leads you below that waterfall and then you end up heading around, up then through a tunnel in the mountain which leads to lake that feeds the waterfall.  It’s quite a walk!

If you like walking here’s another interesting walk in Spain – El Caminito del Rey, Spain

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