This blog’s been up and running for a while now and over the months I’ve deviated a little to touch upon a few sites and interests that I’ve felt to be ‘relevant’.  In the course of these meanders I’ve come across some start-up companies and understood, from my own experience, the journey that it takes to get up and running.

So, to show solidarity, here, in the first of a possible series on Start-Ups, is a great website that I think you’ll appreciate hearing about!


The main role of this site is to answer all of your travel questions.  However, unlike traditional forums Travellr has a recommendation engine that will suggest questions to you based on where you live, where you’ve travelled to, and the questions you have asked.

In short – it’s like Google for travellers!

Choose a destination.  Ask a question.

That’s it….sit back and wait for your answer.

Question:  Who answers me?

Answer:  [this is the clever part] – your question is sent members who are profiled as knowing the answer!

Amazing, but true – ie: they have similar interests, have previously answered similar questions or live in the area of your enquiery…also, anyone can answer.

Before the site is opened to the public it is being filled with content and ‘we’ at have been invited to add ourselves to the oracle.  This is great if you wish to be part of a new important website and establish yourself as the know-it-all of whatever it is you know-it-all about!

Exclusive – we’ve been given our very own private access key (ok, it does help Travellr but with any luck they’ll help us too…) so, click here to access the sign-up page and then log-in with the Beta Key: myfriendshotel

Bookmark it now!


Travellr is a Q&A service that connects travellers with like-minded locals and past visitors to deliver the best, most insightful and relevant local knowledge possible.


Ask questions about anywhere.  Travellr will forward them to people who know the area best and who share similar interests to you.


Search existing questions and answers by destination and keywords, or let Travellr suggest content that closely matches what you’re looking for.


Travellr suggests questions about the places you have lived in or visited.  You can help out fellow travellers by answering questions about your home town or favourite destinations.


Follow the people and destinations you’re interested in, to receive automatic updates via your own personal feed.


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